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Newly Launched RFID Factory Inventory Management

2018-12-29 14:33:10

Background of the project

Excellent factory inventory management capability is an important indicator of a company's high-level executive performance assessment.

Factory inventory management is subject to the impact of manpower, cost, and staff quality, and the following problems have always existed.

Question one:

Scanning with bar code labels and one-to-one scanning of bar code labels have been used, and scanning efficiency needs to be improved.

Question two:

Bar code labels are prone to missed reading and missing parts.

Question three:

Labels are blurred, damage is serious, and label persistence issues need to be resolved.

Question four:

Labels cannot be reused.

Question five:

The safety performance is not high and the anti-theft performance is lacking.

System Structure

RFID factory inventory management mainly consists of electronic tags, access control antennas and readers, and inventory management software attached to the warehouse goods.

(The access control antenna mainly acts as an anti-theft function. When the warehouse goods with electronic tags pass through the access control, the alarm will automatically alarm)

First of all, you need to give the goods in each warehouse an "identity", that is, give him an electronic tag that records his personal information. In order to centralize and manage.

Secondly, the identity of all items has been entered into the system, and a file (data collection) has been formed in the system. The "everyone" identity can be verified at the factory with a handheld reader at a fixed time.

Ensure that factory inventory management is accurate, efficient, and timely.

System Performance

Advantage one:

Factory inventory and storage are systematic and automated.

Advantage two:

Read labels in batches and implement inventory in seconds.

Advantage three:

Flat browsing, weakening space barriers (strong RFID penetration)

Advantage four:

RFID electronic tags can be repeatedly erased 100,000 times, data is stored for 10 years, special labels are not afraid of acid and alkali, high temperature, and even corrosion.

Advantage five:

Variety of shapes, support for customization, suitable for all kinds of factory goods.