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RFID Jewelry Management

RFID Benefits To Jewelry Business
The benefits RFID brings to the jewelry business are:
Shorten Jewelry Inventory Cycle. RFID multipleidentification detection system shortens inventory cycle time on averagebetween 60% - 70%. This translates into tremendous cost advantage over manualaccounting process or semi automated systems such as barcoding technology.

Heighten Security. Displaced and missing jewelry pieces are more likely to be found. Systems like Enterprise Jewelry Softwareadopts an early detection approach to the problem. With RFID, jewelry items canbe monitored real time against theft and accidental misplacements. An important advantage to real-time monitoring is it enhances security to guard againstinternal and external theft scenarios.

Jewelry Business Intelligence. Particularly forretail, an optimally placed in fashion jewelry piece can fetch more customers'attention and converting into actual sale. A poorly placed jewelry piece willdrown into obscurity among the thousands of jewelry pieces displayed in thestore. RFID can implement a detection system that registers each time a designis requested over the counter up to the point the sale is completed. A welldesigned system becomes a tremendous marketing tool to learn about actualcustomer trending in the store.

RFID Configurations For Jewelry Management
There are about three main general RFIDconfigurations used for jewelry management. Further to this, over the years wehave compiled a list of recommended jewelry packaging and design that bettersuit in a RFID environment. For some implementations, it may lead to acustomized antenna approach to better align with tracking operations. Ingeneral the RFID jewelry solution is used with minor differences for a jewelryretail operation than a jewelry wholesale business.

The three main RFID jewelry configurations are:
RFID Wholesale Tray
RFID Smart Shelf
Handheld RFID Jewelry Solution
RFID Tunnel
RFID Wholesale Tray

Jewelry wholesale environment is the most likelycandidate to use a RFID Tray Configuration. Using the RFID Tray Configuration,trays of Jewelry items are check-out from the safe room and scanned in batchesof 50 – 100 pieces at a time. The results are instantly presented and verifiedon the computer screen. On day closing, the trays of Jewelry items will bescanned (check-in) in batches of 50 - 100 pieces each time and stored into thesafe room. The tedious and error prone task of stock taking is completelyautomated.

RFID Smart Shelf
In jewelry retail stores, RFID scanners are placedinside display showcases. Once turned on, the scanners are worked to monitorjewelry items real time. Actual information such as the location of everyjewelry piece, the trending on the number of times it has been requested over thecounter, and similar tracking duties are conscientiously performed by thesystem.
A jewelry software, like Enterprise JewelrySoftware can be setup to continuously receive real-time report feeds from RFIDscanners and performs corresponding actions as required in the jewelrymanagement process. For example, if a particular jewelry item is removed fromthe smart shelf unauthorized, the system can be programmed to alert the shopmanager that a possible theft is taking place.

Handheld RFID Jewelry Solution
Using the handheld RFID Jewelry Solution, ajewelry inventory PDA application loaded will be used together with a RFID CFReader. Alternatively, a specially customized antenna (as shown in the picturebelow) is used. When the PDA RFID or Handheld RFID is in proximity (waved) tothe tagged jewellery items, the information of the jewellery pieces inside thedisplay is automatically detected. Unlike barcode technology, RFID does notrequire "line of sight" thus close