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Card management solution

Summary of program: 
The use of campus card has become the inevitable trend of achieving campus management. Digital campus goal is to build a "campus card" system backbone platform, identity authentication, school consumption, school management of the various subsystems are built on the platform. System goal is for each student or faculty to have a card, this card is under the collection of identity card, library card, consumer card, on the machine card, and medical card etc., on behalf of the cardholder's identity. The card can be free to recharge, to make it a all-round card in the campus, then achieve the campus to facilitate the school bus, medical registration, food and beverage consumption and other needs, to further improve the campus management level, and achieve the campus card modernization. 

Card management solution: 
The system is divided into three levels from top to bottom, namely: card system, three subsystems, subsystem expansion,

Campus card system is based on teaching staff and student consumption, personal management, business development and other three aspects of application, so as to achieve a normalized management of a card. 

"Card" system mainly includes integrated front system, card management system, student payment subsystem, business consumption subsystem (dining, bathing, water, supermarket shopping), room management subsystem, self-service laundry system, certification system (Educational, book, fingerprint identification), medical management subsystem etc. Each subsystem contains multiple functional modules and provides query and update functions for each function module, which provide teachers and students a convenient campus card recharge, saving the cumbersome of carrying cash, but also avoiding the notes, banknotes and other work and risk. Recharging does not need to be restrained by the rechargingbooth working time, which improves work efficiency, saves the time of teachers and students. Using advanced database technology and data management technology, greatly improved the accuracy and security of the data, and also the user's parallel operation and user management. With the development of software system tools, object-oriented, visual toolscontinue to emerge, can help software developers to improve the quality and efficiency of software development, shorten the development cycle.