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Railway Train Management

ACM series Automatic Identification System is an RFID solution developed by Goldbridge for China Ministry of Railway's Automatic Train No Identification System or ATIS project. It enables automatic information collection and monitoring of trains in real-time and provides those information to railway administration for train management.

As the critical component of ATIS project, the ACM series Automatic Identification System plays an important role in the modernization of China Railway System. It greatly improves China railway transportation management efficiency generates over $ 40 Million annual income for China Railway Ministry in freight management and accounting decreases vehicle delay by more than 30%; it also has a great potential in other application like intelligent train weighing infrared train axis temperature detection and position etc.

 Automatic Information Collection and Monitoring
This is the main function of the System. Customer can keep real-time monitoring and tracing of all operating trains and railway vehicles.
 Data Inquiry
Customer can inquire information and status of any train and have the result in printout.
 Daily Report
The System can also generate daily report of information and status of all operating trains in detailed listing.
 Train Notification
The System can send an automatic notification to customer when a specified train is passing through.
The System can run a scheduled self-inspection and report any irregularity automatically.

System Components 
ACM series Train No Identification System employs RFID and other advanced technologies to automatically collect train information such as train no status position designation speed and enable real-time tracing of all operating trains. It's typically consisted of Electronic Tag AEI equipment (RFID Reader) Tag Programmer Control and Process System (CPS) and Train Inspection & Verification System.

As one of only two designated equipment providers for the ATIS project, Goldbridge's ACM series Automatic Identification system and corollary instruments has been applied to all 18 China Regional Administrations and over forty thousand miles of railway system. With more than 60% of market share, Goldbridge is the proven leader for China railway market and looks forward to sharing our experience and success with more international customers.