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Application of contactless IC card in kindergarten

  • Author:Lucy
  • Release on:2019-08-02
Everyone is familiar with IC card, we usually use IC card most probably is the access control function, or as a membership card to shopping. But in fact, IC cards can not only be used as access cards, membership cards, the application of IC card is very extensive. The application of contactless IC card in kindergarten is used to solve the management problem of children. Safeguard the safety of children and timely feedback to parents about the situation of children in kindergarten.

The function of IC card in kindergarten
Campus security function: Using RFID contactless IC card, and cooperate with automatic voice function, swiping card to pick up children. Only parents with legal status can enter the school, automatically identify the identity of the parents who pick up the child and record the pick-up time to form a pick-up time record.

Children catering management: Provide statistical data for children's catering to make a reasonable meal.

Data management for children: Systematic records of children's related archives, easy for teachers to teach, easy to interact with parents and parents, help to enhance the image of kindergarten.

Infant phonetic roll call: After entering the kindergarten, children can use the device to make voice roll call, record the list of those who do not arrive, make a second roll call to those who do not arrive, or modify the record at any time.

Monitoring function: When your children enters the beautiful campus every time, you can see them when they swipe their cards. Both parents and relatives can quickly respond to them.

Access control function: Put the equipment at the gate of the kindergarten, open the door with a card, which can be an access control channel to improve the safety of the kindergarten.

Attendance management: Conduct card attendance management for teaching staff, eliminate the drawbacks of human attendance and print detailed attendance record reports.

Personnel management: Comprehensive management of information of teaching staff, detailed records of the overall position, salary level, departmental information, employee information, etc., so that the personnel and salary management of kindergartens are more standardized, scientific and reasonable.

RFID smart card function is extremely powerful, the access control functions and membership card functions that we usually use are just one of them. There are many other types of applications for IC cards. The above kindergarten management is just one of the industry solutions. Shenzhen Goldbridge Smart Tech Co.,Ltd. is willing to join hands with leading companies from all walks of life to jointly develop and promote RFID smart card solutions in various industries to create a smart life and smart city.