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Custom pvc door hangers

  • Author:Lucy
  • Release on:2019-11-09
Our plastic door hangers are made of high quality plastic. Can be used for hotel, restaurant, KTV, etc. If you're a service business in a community, distribute these door hangers on the other doors to build your client base. Custom hotel door hangers are not just for requesting privacy. They can also be used for branding and promotion.

We are producing kinds of pvc door hangers according to the customer requested, such as custom size, custom thickness, custom design, etc... We are mainly use CMYK 4C printing,and silk screen printing as well. Punching hole and metal eyelet are also accepted. PVC door hangers with a durable, high hardness, not easy bending, and so on. In particular, If you need the door hangers looks like texture, high grade, we can make in clear transparent and frosted effect.