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Dialogue with Wang Lin: I have comprehensive thinking about the acquisition of Farsens

Lucy RFID world network 2021-03-24 17:34:24
In the domestic RFID industry, successful overseas acquisition cases have always been scarce, and the wholly-owned acquisition of Farsens by RITZ is an example that has to be mentioned. After further understanding of the reasons, you will find that the realization of this merger is inseparable from the vision and persistence of Wang Lin, general manager of Rui Chi IOT. In the eyes of the outside world, this move may be somewhat aggressive, but if an excellent opportunity is missed due to a moment of hesitation, the ultimate regret will only make it more difficult to accept. In a two-hour interview with RFID World.com, Wang Lin gave a detailed statement around his thoughts before and after the Farsens merger, which made people better understand that the merger was the result of rational considerations, although it was still risky. The side.

Strengthening technology research and development is the long-term solution As a result of deepening the research and development and production of UHF RFID tags all the year round, Wang Lin found that although the overall demand for the RFID tag market is still growing steadily year by year, the number of corresponding tag manufacturers is also increasing, and the market competition is very fierce. In addition, from the perspective of research and development, RFID technology is already a very mature technology, and the threshold for research and development is not very high. It is difficult to have greater innovations, and it is even more difficult to have disruptive innovative technologies. Most of them revolve around application scenarios. Optimize the product. With the deepening of this thinking, he felt more and more: Just making RFID tags is no longer a long-term solution. Unlike traditional RFID manufacturers, Farsens from Spain has deeply integrated sensor technology and RFID technology. Such products have more unique value and can exert greater advantages in many scenarios.

Application of Farsens sensor tags in some scenarios

Wang Lin believes that it is difficult for companies lacking R&D capabilities to go long-term in the future. The rapid development of China in the past few decades relied on the combination of cheap labor cost advantages and industrial chain clusters. Due to the rapid rise in recent years, China has been regarded as a strategic competitor by Western developed countries, and in the future, there will be fierce competition in many fields. Among them, high-tech is bound to bear the brunt and become the main battlefield of wrestling. Farsens' technical strength is ahead of the industry. In the long run, this is a very obvious advantage. In addition, Rui Chi will continue to increase R&D investment and strengthen research on cutting-edge technologies in the next five years. From the product technology point of view, Farsens' chips can provide up to 5 IO ports in total, and the output voltage can reach 3V, which has entered the ranks of the highest level in the world. In addition, the finished sensor tag can work in a passive power supply mode, which greatly reduces the restrictions on the use scene. A sufficiently large output voltage can bring many benefits. If the output voltage is insufficient, the sensor cannot be driven, and a prominent advantage of the Farsens chip is that it can drive up to 4 sensors at the same time. In addition, because the supplied voltage is large enough, the performance indicators of the sensor, such as the accuracy of temperature measurement, the brightness of the LED light, and so on, can be more ensured.

"RFID+" sensor tag opens up more imagination

Farsens' sensor tag has a broad application imagination. It can choose to carry various different types of sensors according to the needs of the scene, such as temperature and humidity, torque, resistance, three-axis acceleration, pressure sensor and LED, etc., which can be called "RFID+". In some scenarios that require real-time monitoring, such as tires, smart agriculture, smart medical care, manufacturing, smart assets, high-speed rail planes, etc., Farsens' sensor tags can give full play to their advantages.

Farsens sensor tag applied to tire temperature + pressure monitoring In some specific scenarios, passive measurement and control of Farsens sensor tags can be used instead of active measurement and control. For example, it is not possible to use a battery-equipped tag to measure temperature in a power distribution cabinet, because it will bring great potential dangers, and the battery-less Farsens sensor tag is very suitable for this scenario. Farsens sensor tags are widely used in industrial application scenarios that need to be monitored but cannot be accessed by humans, such as the automation of automobile assembly lines, temperature monitoring in motors and generators, and so on. Passive tags are easy to install and do not need to spend energy on maintenance, which effectively reduces installation and operating costs. At present, Farsens' sensor tags have been used in the aero engines of France's Safran Group. Equipped with a torque sensor, Farsens sensor tags can accurately monitor the torque of the screw. The slight loosening of a screw may seem inconspicuous, but it actually involves the lives of millions of people. Now Farsens sensor tags have been used in ongoing NASA projects. In fact, the combined application of RFID technology and sensors is far more than that. Farsens' sensor tags enable new applications such as cold chain monitoring, intelligent management, and traceability to achieve precise monitoring of the temperature of perishable products; passive RFID weight sensors can be used to monitor particles and liquids calculated based on weight In addition, Farsens sensor tags for measuring temperature and humidity also have many applications in agriculture. All in all, the sensor market is much larger than the RFID market, which is also a major direction for the RFID market to continue to develop.

Farsens sensor tag applied to outdoor pole Two-way promotion of brand and technology Actively expand overseas markets In recent years, with the continuous improvement of China's international status and corporate strength, many companies have begun to expand their business overseas and have achieved impressive results. For example, large companies such as Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi, Hikvision, DJI, and SF Express have set up organizations overseas, and their overseas market share is also increasing year by year. Wang Lin said that Rui Chi's acquisition of Farsens was not only for technical considerations, but also to accelerate the transformation of its business model. Farsens can bring great help to Rui Chi in terms of branding, especially in the international market. At the same time, it is also hoped to use Farsens' technical scarcity to achieve corner overtaking. At present, the country is vigorously promoting new infrastructure and providing support to the chip industry in all aspects. Wang Lin believes that Farsens has a senior chip team, and seizing this momentum will definitely get more opportunities. This is also a major reason why he is willing to deploy in this area. In addition, he has made up his mind to devote all the profits in the next three years to research and development and the establishment of global branches, including the establishment of branches in the United States, South America, Brazil, Chile, the Middle East and other countries and regions, to provide global customers with complete supporting facilities. service. Since Farsens' product positioning was in the mid-to-high-end market at the beginning, it has a deeper technical accumulation in the field of sensor tags. Farsens' chip and label manufacturing links will be located in China, and R&D teams will be set up in Shenzhen and Shanghai, while the European team will continue to do a good job in product R&D and develop international markets. Wang Lin said frankly that the acquisition of Farsens is the first time for RICH IOT. The localization after the acquisition of a foreign company faces many difficulties. The transformation of results is a big risk, and management is another risk. In this process, Rui Chi can continue to accumulate experience, and I believe there will be a second and third time...

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