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HID Global acquires Omni-ID to expand its leading position in the RFID market

Lucy RFID NET WORLD 2021-08-19 11:52:43
On August 18th, HID Global, a global trusted identity solution provider, announced the acquisition of Omni-ID. Omni-ID is a manufacturer of RFID tags and industrial IoT hardware equipment, mostly used in passive and active tag identification, tracking, monitoring and alarm applications. The acquisition expands HID's market leadership in the field of RFID technology and strengthens its influence in China and India.

Björn Lidefelt, Executive Vice President and Head of HID Global, said: "I am pleased to welcome Omni-ID to the ASSA ABLOY Group and HID. Omni-ID is a strategic technological addition to HID that strengthens our current RFID and Internet of Things Product portfolio. With the addition of Omni-ID, we will expand our sales and manufacturing market share in China and India, which will further enhance HID’s ability to provide services to local customers and at the same time expand our industrial IoT technology to emerging markets." HID Global is a brand of ASSA ABLOY Group.

Omni-ID provides passive, rugged long-range RAIN RFID UHF tags, as well as various other forms of tags, which can meet a series of identification requirements. The company focuses on industrial, oil, gas, transportation and other markets, and is committed to developing rugged UHF RFID solutions for challenging environmental conditions such as high temperatures, high winds, dust, explosions and other harsh scenarios.

In addition, Omni-ID also introduced passive UHF temperature sensing into the HID identification technology product portfolio, and enhanced HID's deep accumulation and professional capabilities in RFID custom design and personalization.

Omni-ID's active tags and solutions are implemented through embedded technologies and protocols, such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), LoRaWAN, GPS, Quuppa, and Wirepas, which complement HID's location service product portfolio.

Marc Bielmann, Senior Vice President and Head of Identification Technology Business (IDT) at HID Global, said: "The acquisition of Omni-ID supports HID’s identification technology business strategy through the use of a wider range of RAIN RFID UHF value-added components, active identification devices and more. Optimize our product portfolio and provide customers with highly customized and feature-rich solutions to serve as a leading component supplier for RFID applications and IoT applications."

Relying on the history of innovation in RAIN RFID solutions, Omni-ID has brought engineers and important employees with more than 15 years of RFID expertise to HID's industry senior team. Omni-ID was established in 2007 and is headquartered in Rochester, New York. It has approximately 170 employees worldwide. It is now a business unit in the HID identification technology business area, led by Marc Bielmann.