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How to block the RFID signal with the RFID blocking card

  • Author:lucy
  • Release on:2019-07-29
The RFID blocking card adopts the RFID blocking technology circuit to block RFID signals. By placing the RFID HF block card in your wallet or within 3 cm of the card signal, we can achieve the effect of blocking the signal. Regardless of the equipment used by criminals, they cannot steal your card information, ensuring safe transportation and preventing information loss.

In response to criminals who use RFID to steal bank card and bus card user information, RFID blocking envelopes and RFID blocking cards have started to appear on the market. Simply keep a special credit card-sized card in your wallet to protect all the cards in your wallet. It is very convenient and practical.

For the security of information on high-frequency smart cards (13.56 MHz), a high-frequency anti-theft protection card was launched, which is used specifically to protect the security of chip bank card, second generation id card data , bus card and other high frequency Smart cards. Apparently, the dimensions of RFID shield cards are the same as for normal bank cards. When the credit card and ID card are inserted together with the RFID shielding card, the smart card wireless signal will be effectively blocked.

Generally, RFID blocking paper is mainly used in the wallet.

In recent years, with the development of NFC technology, bank cards have accidentally touched the mobile phone, will come out of the details of the recent consumption record. The RFID shield card can add a lock to your wallet and the bank card information in the wallet is not disclosed. Easy to use, with the credit card inserted in the wallet.

The RFID blocking card is designed and produced by the chip of the RFID integrated circuit. It can be used freely in wallets and bags of various shapes. He is the protector of wallets and purses. Ultra-thin design, can be inserted into the wallet like a credit card and adopts a passive RFID design, no need to replace the battery.