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Magnetic Stripe Card

  • Author:Lucy
  • Release on:2019-11-12
Magnetic stripe card as information carrier with liquid magnetic material or magnetic stripe, make liquid magnetic material coat over the card or laminating with width 6-14mm magnetic with card(normally in Union Pay Card).

Magnetic stripe card generally are used for identification, can be information written, stored and re-written. It has high reliability, large recording data density, low misread rate, speed in information input and read.

Magnetic stripe cards are easy to read & write, convenient in using and lower cost, even has some certain security feature, so it will widely use. Magnetic stripe card is accepted by banks first then use widely. For example, calling card, tickets checking, stock market all can use magnetic stripe card and it will become a part of our daily life.

Applications of Magnetic stripe card
Magnetic cards are used in finance, posts, communication, transportation, travelling, medical treatment, education, hotel, etc.

Most popular magnetic stripe cards are glossy surface with magnetic stripe, can be embossing, barcode and hot-stamping, etc.