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NFC Tag Pet Electronic ID To Help Retrieve Lost Pets

  • Author:Goldbridge
  • Release on:2022-05-31
After years of development, smart devices have developed many functions to meet people's needs and make everyone's lives more convenient. After years of development, smart devices have developed many functions to meet people's needs and make everyone's lives more convenient. For example, iPhone has developed a recovery function based on its smart phone, which helps to recover the lost iPhone after it is lost.

On the other hand, more and more families have pets such as cats and dogs. Pets can be said to have become an inseparable part of many families. If the pet is lost, it will cause greater harm to the owner and the pet.

The iPhone recovery function can help people find their mobile phones. Is there any smart device that can help pet owners find their lost pets?

Many smart device manufaturers have paid atention to this market For example, they have introduced products such as smart pet cllars with GPS pstining systems, which can obtain the location of pets through the Internet to help owners find pets. However, this type of smart cllr generally needs to be charged more frequenty, and there is no way to make the smart cllar continue to function once it is out of power. Pets are diferent from humans Iftyou charge your pet's pet spplies every day, does it fel ike raising an electronic dog? Now a company has launched a ifelong pet smart cllar that does not need to be recharged, that is, "pet electronic ID card" to help owners find lost pets.

As long as you use an Android phone with NFC function and download the corresponding APP, you can read the content of the built-in smart chip in the smart collar. The smart collar itself is the pet's third-generation ID card". The relevant information of the ID card is stored in the cloud server of Qianhai Shengma Technology. When the smart collar is approached with a mobile phone, the magnetic field generated by the mobile phone gives the smart chip in the collar Power supply, so that the collar, mobile phone, and cloud server establish a connection, and finally display relevant information on the mobile phone screen through the network.

In this way, when our pets go out, they carry their exclusive, latest generation "ID card" with them. Anyone who finds a pet can use his mobile phone to read the pet's ID card information to help the owner find the pet.