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RFID Anti-Counterfeiting L abel Tickets In Large-Scale Events

Goldbridge www.goldbridgesz.com 2022-08-25 17:21:13

With the rapid development of the domestic economy and the extensive needs of inomatin, business exchanges and
entetanment, vnious forms of public communication acvites such as exibtios, conferences, performances, spots
events, et. are frequent and have even developed into a new industy The number of prtcipants in these pubic
events sually ranges from a few hundred to tens of thousands, which brings great cllnges to the stat of the
exhibtin, pertormance oganizers and venue managers, as well as their event management The use of advanced
RFID tags combined with database tchnology pstioing tchnology, communication and iformation tchnoloy etc,
eectivele solves the poblemns of exibition, conference venues, spots cmpeltions concert icketing and infomation

There are two main categories of tickets issued for various performances, exhibitions or events: visitor (audience) tickets
and staff certificates. The staff certificates include performers, exhibitors, venue staff, members of the organizing
committee, temporary admission cards and S0 on. At present, the vast majority of performances, exhibitions or events
use manual ticket inspection. For some major (important) exhibitions, conferences, performances, and sports events,
the traditional ticket issuance and management methods mainly have problems such as fake tickets, scalper tickets, and
low efficiency of manual ticket inspection.

The RFID-based ticketing management system not only solves the problem of traditional tickets, but also achieves
revolutionary breakthroughs in improving customer satisfaction, improving customer experience, and providing
information collection and available value -added services for relevant departments.
RFID ticket label technology is to carry out RFID inlay printing, and colleagues are equipped with advanced and safe
hand- held ticket inspection machines and ticket inspection systems. The RFID anti-counterfeiting label chip is
embedded in the ticket through a special process to achieve high anti-counterfeiting, itelligent management, and rapid
inspection! Cases of using RFID tickets include concerts, exhibitions and so on.