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RFID traces consumption in entertainment places for children

  • Author:Lucy.
  • Source:RFID WORLD NET.
  • Release on:2021-07-15
Dubai Fiafia's children's entertainment chain will open an amusement park where children can play, and then parents will pay for services and food that children will receive during the game. The company uses an RFID solution to provide a payment solution without cash for children and parents, while monitoring the time the child spends on the spot, and automatically adjusts the bill when the baby leaves.

All children and parents can get a NFC bracelet at the reception. Visitors can use their bracelets to touch the payment terminals at the reception, coffee or other mobile devices used by the staff to identify all paid activities that their children participate. The solution is provided by Semnox.

Now, Fiafia opened two game parks of this kind in Dubai, one of which is located in the Ferdous shopping center. Each playground contains a play area and a coffee, and both provide education and entertainment for children of all ages; It also includes a living room where parents can wait and children can play freely. The Fiaphia playground is different and can provide free games, theme activities, parties and lounges to entertain and educate children while parents are resting.

Fiaphia will charge the games and drink parents choose for their children. Parents can buy packages that include specific times, food and specific drinks or pays within the time of around $ 15 for the first hour and $ 8 for the second hour. With the Semnox system, parents can trace every transaction completed by their children, such as the purchase of food, participate in activities and so on. According to Vinayaka Kamath, the head of the Middle East and Europe sector of Semnox, the faia open amusement parks in February and March this year and chose to use the Semnox NFC solution to help customers automatically collect payment data cash.

When children come to this playground, every child and their parents will receive a 13.56 MHz NFC bracelet that satisfies the ISO 14443 standard. The size and color of the bracelets worn by children and adults are different. The strap is provided by Semnox. Each bracelet is incorporated with an NFC chip and has a unique ID code. When parents record their name, phone number and e-mail address, reception staff will read the tag ID on their wrist and associate it with parents and children's data. Megashyam Jayaram, Sales Director of the Middle East of Semnox, stated that the data was then stored in the company's software.
Payment method

Parents can choose their preferred payment method. An option is to buy a package, which includes a meal, an activity and a designated reproduction time. So pay for every service they use at the end of the game. The playground also provides some elements that require additional costs, such as face painting. If the child participates in this activity, the staff will read the child's wrist ID and the activity fee will be included in the child's family account.

Also, if the kids want to buy snacks and drinks, they just need to choose what they want and touch the player's bracelet at every point of sale. After the reader reads the data, the data will be credited to the parent's account. Parents can also use their bracelets to achieve the same purpose. If parents want to limit activities, food or beverage of their children, they can provide this information at the time of recording at the reception. For example, if a child with a milk allergy tries to buy dairy products, the software will buy these data and provide it to the on-site staff.

When the child's play is over, parents report the child to the reception area, where all the straps will be read and all IDs will be verified. The playground also has manual locks to ensure that children go without being accompanied or followed strangers. Semnox software can view all the expenses incurred during the game and parents can authorize and pay. These bracelets are usable and will not be recycled after the end of the game, but their personal data will be saved so you can only receive a new bracelet when they come back to the playground, then connect the new bracelet again to your connected account together .
RFID improves the game experience

Semnox also provides RFID solutions for other entertainment sites for children in the United Arab Emirates. Technology is also used in various places of domestic entertainment in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United States, including playgrounds, water parks and restaurants. For example, the Florida Entertainment Center uses RFID to improve the gaming experience. In the future, the company plans to distribute the technology of real-time positioning applications on sites that require data on the position of children for safety purposes.

Semnox has designed its RFID Reader hardware together with third-party manufacturers and has provided its own cloud software. The reader can transmit device data to the software via Wi-Fi or cable. The company's cloud software is integrated with the user's on-site software. Jayaram said that in addition to providing solution services, Semnox can also provide customers with 24-hour support via telephone and e-mail, as well as free software update services each year.

Furthermore, RFID technology can also be used to analyze data and establish a prize mechanism for faithful customers.

Jayaram said: "As long as the data is still collected, we will support customers to propose their solutions". Kamath pointed out that this custom support service model has always been the main Semnox strategy. "We are not only a system provider, we also provide customized solutions for customer needs." The company is based in India and has offices in the United States and Dubai.

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