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School security management

lucy 2019-08-29 19:23:01

Goldbridge safety application in school safety management

Access control management
The establishment of a security zone can prevent unauthorized access to the school and achieve a closed management. Daytime and residential students can be assigned to different access groups. Once you have found exceptional access to residential students, the alarm will be sent to guard. No one can access the security area with another person's card.
Each access controller can hold 20,000 users, for example a single-port controller can manage 20,000 users; for the two-door controller, if port no. 1 manages 5,000 users, port no. 2 can manage up to 15,000 cards, as well as the four-door contoller.
100,000 event buffers can be stored offline. Each event buffer includes information such as card number, time, address, pass or not, etc. If the storage space is overloaded, old information will be deleted automatically to save space for new records. Your option to activate whether to record the unlock and alarm information of the buttons, if not activated, the unlock and alarm information of the buttons will not be recorded.

Student monitoring
The access control system can track student activities like time to enter or leave school. The access control system can conveniently control the state of attendance late at school, absenteeism and early departure etc., which helps to monitor the status of students and carry out scientific management.
l Real time monitors each scroll of the card. You can view the cardholder's photo, which has been lent in the software, so that the security guard can check if the cardholder is the one intended to unlock the door. If magnet lines are connected, you can check which door is open or closed. The valid records for the scrolling of the cards will be marked in green; invalid scrolling paper records will be in orange and the alarm records will be in red to call the attention of the security guard. If a video monitoring device is installed, you can record videos and photos in real time as you scroll through the tab.
Frequency of students
Student attendance can be recorded when students enter or leave school. This helps teachers monitor student availability. With its powerful alarm function, the access control system can interact with the fire system. Once an event occurs, the access control system can quickly open the door and create an on-site alarm to help students escape from a dangerous area.
Flexible time setting
Can define the vacation period
You can specify a certain port to make time and attendance
You can set the number of daily scroll cards
Flexible Sat timetable and attendance setting
You can import the application form to leave, add and flexibly customize the name of the holiday
Detailed time and attendance report
You can customize the reporting form
You can set that particular person excluded from the attendance list

Real-time monitoring and photos
If the video equipment is connected, it can capture your photos and 3 seconds of recording vedio when you scroll or turn on the button. It is convenient for the administrator to check if the cardholder is the card owner. And then you can check the records. But this function requires that both the supervision interface of the computer and that of the software are in operation.

Alarm output and fire controller
The access control system can interact with the fire protection system. Once an event occurs, the access control system can quickly open the door and create an on-site alarm to help students escape from a dangerous area.
Connect with the infrared detection probe, the sensing device or the door magnet, if someone breaks in illegally, the infrared detector will start the alarm system.
It is necessary to connect with the gas detection device, the smoke detector, etc.
Connect with the emergency button, if robberies occur inside the room, people can press the emergency button and the alarm will start. Flexible setting of sat and presence time