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Several Major Benefits of NFC for Smart Homes

Lucy. RFID WORLD NET. 2021-07-20 16:30:07
AS A Short-Field Communication Technology, NFC Has a Very Wide Range of Applications, Such As Mobile Payment, Channel Inspection, Automobiles, Smart Homes, Industrial Control, and I On. With The Continuous Evolution of Smart Home Scenarios, at Large Part of NFC Devices Will Appear in The Living Room in The Future.

For Applications in the era of Interconnected Smart Homes, NFC Technology Can Increase The Ease and Safety of Equipment Use, And Can Change Our Daily Home Life to A Large Extent.

Four Major Benefits of NFC for Smart Homes


Since NFC Provides a Wireless Communication Function, to Fast Connection Between Devices Can Be RealZed through NFC. For example, through the NFC Function, The User Only Needs To Touch The Video, The User Can Transfer The Video On The Smart Phone To The Set-Top Box, Can Instantly Open Up The Channel Between The Mobile Phone, Tablet Computer, TV, The Multimedia Resource Sharing Between Different Devices is Changed. It's easy.

(2) Develops Personalized Functions

If the User Wants to Display A Specific Channel Every Time The TV is Turned On, and Turn Off The Sound at the Same Time, I SO AS TO BE ABLE TO SELECT A Program or View The Title Without Disturbing Anyone Else In The Room. With NFC Technology, Personalized Control Allows You to Control Everything as You Like.

(3) Better Information Protection

With The Continuous Improvement of Social Informatization, We Use Online Services More and More Frequently, And Many People Are Worried About The Security Of Personal Identity Information. Using NFC CAN PROTECT THE PRIVACY AND SECURITY OF ALL INFORMATION, ALLOWING USERS TO PERFORM ALL OPERATIONS WITH CONFIDENTE. For example, debugging smart devices, buying new games, paying for video-on-demand, recharging transportation cards-these will not endanger your personal information, Nor Will You Face The Risk of Identity Leakage.

(4) More Efficient Network Debugging

With The Continuous Increase of Smart Products, Adding New Smart Device Nodes To The Smart Home Network Will Be A High-Frequency Demand. Sinence NFC Can Trigger Other Wireless Communication Protocols, No Matter Which Device You Want to Add Bluetooth, Zigbee or Wi-Fi To Your Home Network, You Only Need To Tap The Node Device With NFC Function and The Home Gateway To Complete The Device. Networking. Moreover, This Method Can Also Prevent Other "Unwanted" Nodes from Being Added, Resulting in Better User Experience and a Higher Security Level.