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Skyscrapers in Moscow City use UHF RFID technology to simplify the parking control process process

Lucy. RFID Net World. 2021-08-09 11:36:05
Feig Electronic has collaborated and exchanged with the ISBC group and has achieved a consensus, designing to implement a solution for non-contact identification of the DNA of vehicles RFID in the Moscow business district.

Feig Electronic is one of the world's leading leadership suppliers and radio frequency identification antennas (RFID), with over 50 years of experience in the industry, has recently announced the distribution of non-contact vehicle identification solutions of DNA DNA of the UCODE in the international business center of Moscow. This solution will become one of the largest commercial district projects in the world.

The management of the city of Moscow not only has chosen to implement the Remote Passive UHF RFID in the parking lot that controls the controls, but has also chosen to implement UCODE DNA. And the DNA of the UCODE is the highest form of RFID safety technology developed by NXP Semiconductors.

NXP Semiconductors Rain RFID Marketing Director Mahdi Mekic said: "Our UCOD DNA was selected as part of the joint implementation of a system of non-contact identification vehicles with Feig and ISBC in the prestigious city of Moscow, which highlights it NXP RFID rain development. Main position in advanced technology. "The implementation of this project is undoubtedly exciting, because it represents another successful deployment of the non-contact NXP semiconductors product portfolio, demonstrating that we can meet the needs of convenience Users, also satisfy the high application requirements in the system for high security and sustainability. "

Manuel Haertlé, Senior Product Manager at Feig Electronic, said: "Ucod DNA is considered the only network that combines physical protection with the barrier functions and real protection of unauthorized access entrances. Identification technology that corresponds At safety. "As a respected contact technology without contact technology, Feig applies the security technology of its payment terminals to our RFID system. These terminals are completely certified according to the latest advanced security standards. The RFID card reader in the Feig vehicle The access control system contains a storage element of the advanced security key and supports various methods of embodiment of a security key. "

The ISBC group of Feig partners provided intellectual support for the successful implementation of the UHF RFID remote using Feig. The vehicle access system developed by this detects if the vehicle allowed is authorized. Only authorized vehicles can enter the reserved area for private residences or business tenants. The system also allows a supply of parking spaces for a paid visitor. Due to the UCODE DNA encryption authentication, whether it is a tag or a reader, it is necessary to pass through the process of verifying identity. After verifying identity information, the reader can further check the data of the tag transmitted in wireless mode. This high-level authentication is generally used in the safest data communication network.

The system requires two authentication steps, which means that only authorized devices can use UCOD DNA-based tags to process security protocols and exchange data. Andrey Krasovskiy, head of the RFID department of the ISBC group, said: "If you do not have the encrypted confidential documents requested, other readers will seek the label in vain because the system will not be able to interpret or understand the irrelevant information of the label. Reply . Furthermore, each data exchange in the identity verification process is unique. Therefore, even if the "hacker" intercepts the communication signal, data transmission is applicable only to a single exchange and unique identity of the tag is protected by encryption. , It will not be cloned by "hacker". "

Founded in 1992, the city of Moscow is still developing. It is a rejuvenated city transformed into the shore of the industrial river, becoming a new, modern and vibrant high-end commercial and residential area. He finds about four kilometers west of the square Rossa on the Moskva river and integrates residential facilities, hotels, office, retail and entertainment. From 23 planned structures, 12 were completed and 7 structures are under construction. Set skyscrapers in Moscow reach at least 300 meters, including the Federal Building , the highest building in Europe, which is 100 stories high.

International Business Center of Moscow has collaborated with ISBC to jointly distribute Feig's RFID solution and will provide a access control system to vehicles with RFID security technology for the Moscow city center. With its rapid development, Moscow will become the city of tomorrow.