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When RFID technology meets the reader

Lucy 2019-08-12 12:37:13
RFID reader performs wireless communication with the RFID tag via the RFID antenna, and can read or write the tag identification code and memory data. A typical RFID readerincludes a high-frequency module (transmitter and receiver), a control unit, and a reader antenna.

RFID technology is currently used in many industries, such as logistics, anti-counterfeit traceability, industrial manufacturing, ETC, and so on. Especially after the concept ofindustry 4.0 was proposed, RFID readers were widely used in the manufacturing industry.

RFID readers have become increasingly prominent in manufacturing, transportation, and warehouse management. Replace the bar code brush gun in the production process to achieve automatic collection of data; the material pulling link cooperates with the AGV trolley to transport; the warehouse link manages the entry and exit of goods, inventory and so on.

In the ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) of the expressway electronic toll collection system, the reader/writer is defined as an RSU (Road Side Unit), that is, a roadside unitand an onboard unit (OBU).

RFID reader is used in the management of the yard to achieve the identification of the vehicle, automatic deductions. If a long range UHF RFID reader is used, it is possible toachieve fast lanes without stopping or card access, or unattended channels.

RFID readers can be divided into 125Khz, 13.56Mhz, 900Mhz, based on frequency:
125Khz: Generally called LF, generally used for animal husbandry management;
13.56Mhz: Generally called HF, used for driving and school attendance and other personnel management. You can also do asset management;
900Mhz: generally called UHF, far distance communication, good anti-collision performance, generally used in parking lot and logistics.