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Wide application of RFID VIP card in senior clubs

goldbridge 2022-08-11 17:11:56

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The intelligent service management system based on RFID smart card technology, according to the management status
and market demand of senior clubs, combined with microwave, high-frequency, dual-frequency identification technology,
sensing technology, wireless monitoring technology, etc., provides fast, comfortable and safe for senior clubs. Smart

Under such an itelligent system, the guest will hold a so-called RFID VIPVID card, including his personal VIP level,
customary needs, personal services, etc. For example, provide special lockers for guests' valuables. Waiters understand
their consumer needs in advance through a portable mobile reader (PDA) and transmit them to the background in a
timely manner. Of course, it may also include functions such as electronic wallets, personnel positioning, parking space
guidance and So on.
If your club also wants to better and more advanced to serve customers and understand the needs of customers. This
smart RFID VIP card is just right for you.