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the penetration rate of the application for RFID access control system

  • Author:Lucy
  • Release on:2019-10-24
RFID technology started earlier, it can be seen in all kinds of industries. For the security industry, RFID technology is mature and stable, it is very simple for the access control system, the rfid card contains information, used for the identification of authority management.

According to the different operating frequency, RFID technology can be divided into low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF), UHF and microwave frequency (MW). At present, low-frequency and high- frequency technology applications occupy almost 70% of the RFID market share. The application are mainly low-frequency and high-frequency technology in different area, such as access card, ID card, traffic card, its application is relatively mature.

On the contrary, limited to cost and technical level, the scope of ultra-high frequency and microwave's application is relatively narrow. However, under the impetus of national policy, ultra-high frequency and microwave began to high-speed development. Because these two bands can achieve long-range identification, the number of identification is relatively large, they will become the mainstream trend in the future. UHF technology's applications mainly are logistics, asset management, food and drug traceability, highway tolls, hospital patient and doctor management, coal mine personnel positioning system and so on.