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  • China Apple Conducts iPhone's NFC Open Testing: which can brush bus manufacturer
    Release on2022-09-23
    If Apple completely open NFC authority in China, obviously it will bring convenience to the users, and meanwhile users will rely more on it...Read More>>
  • China RFID Allows The Retail Industry To Resume Work Safely And Maintain Social Distancing manufacturer
    Release on2022-09-23
    The RFID behind the intelligence relies on the high reliability and ultra-long reading range of UHF RFID, which means that it is unlikely that shoppers will be missed by passing through the gate. RFID tags are specially coded for entrance and exit devices, so they will not interfere with any tag system already used by the store, helping the store to reopen, while complying with the guidelines for maintaining social distancing...Read More>>
  • China Application of RFID Anti-counterfeiting Labels in Industry Scenarios manufacturer
    Release on2022-09-22
    RFID can save a lot of time, manpower and material resources, reduce production costs and increase work efficiency, so it is considered by more and more people as the future. Replacement of anti-counterfeiting technology...Read More>>
  • China What are the application areas of high-frequency RFID smart cards? manufacturer
    Release on2022-09-22
    In the RFID smart card market, high-frequency RFID smart cards have ushered in a golden period of development, including bank cards, bus cards, campus cards, and consumer membership cards...Read More>>
  • China What Is The Difference Between PVC Business Cards And PVC Cards? manufacturer
    Release on2022-09-15
    The printing of PVC card material can highlight more exquisite designs. This material has a strong hand feel whether it is used for business cards or cards; it has the characteristics of folding resistance, wear resistance, anti-corrosion and waterproof, and not easy to change color...Read More>>
  • China How do RFID trash can tags help garbage collection manufacturer
    Release on2022-09-15
    RFID trash can tags are used to quickly solve garbage cleaning operations, and RFID tags with unique codes are attached to classified trash cans to record what kind of domestic garbage is in the trash can, the area of ​​the community where the trash can is located, Information such as the usage time of the trash can...Read More>>
  • China Airport Baggage RFID Luggage Tag Application Implements Efficient Management manufacturer
    Release on2022-09-15
    The RFID reader uses an RFID external antenna to record various information about aircraft passengers, such as flight parking space, departure time and other information, by attaching RFID luggage tags to each piece of luggage, and to track, distribute and transmit luggage...Read More>>
  • China NFC pet tags digitize missing pet information to speed rescue manufacturer
    Release on2022-08-29
    Using QR code technology or pet tags with NFC functions, users can scan the QR code printed on the front of the NFC pet tag with their smartphone to obtain more data about pets on their mobile phones. If you are interested in NFC pet tag products, please contact us...Read More>>
  • China Eight Common Forms and Applications of UHF RFID Tags manufacturer
    Release on2022-08-29
    Generally speaking, RFID tags can be divided into LF RFID tags, HF RFID tags and UHF RFID electronic tags, but the scenarios with huge consumption of these tags almost all use UHF RFID tags, so the following is an introduction to the common UHF RFID tags Application and label form...Read More>>
  • China RFID Anti-Counterfeiting L abel Tickets In Large-Scale Events manufacturer
    Release on2022-08-25
    The use of advanced RFID tags combined with database technology, positioning technology, communication and information technology, etc., effectively solves the problems of exhibition, conference venues, sports competitions, concert ticketing and information management...Read More>>
  • China Want to inject your pet with RFID animal microchip tags? manufacturer
    Release on2022-08-25
    When the RFID pet tag chip is implanted, the ID code and the breeder's identity information contained in it will be bound and stored in the database of the pet hospital or rescue organization. When the reader is used to sense the pet carrying the chip, the reader will After receiving an ID code, enter the code into the database to know the corresponding owner...Read More>>
  • China Can NFC chip tags be implanted in the hand to pay for life? manufacturer
    Release on2022-08-24
    NFC chip tag implantation is completely harmless to the human body. At the same time, every transaction made with an embedded NFC chip tag is as secure as any transaction made with a bank card. If you are interested in NFC chip tag products, please contact us...Read More>>
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