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1.3 million pounds for RFID tags in the waste recycling program

  • Author:Lucy
  • Source:RFID world network
  • Release on:2021-04-23
RFID chip manufacturer PragmatIC received a subsidy of 1.3 million pounds for a low-cost tracking waste recycling program in the UK.

The project called SPRITE (Electronic Label Sustainable Plastic Recycling Innovation) will provide a unique digital ID for PET plastic bottles and refillable packaging to support automatic identification and recycling. More than 1 million plastic bottles are manufactured every minute in the world, but less than 10% of them are recycled into new bottles; the rest are landfilled, incinerated or turned into garbage. The "Recycling Incentive Program" has been fully proven to increase the recycling rate, and the leading system can recycle more than 90% of the containers with deposits. But these are all built around sending the bottles back to the grocery store, and a complete and strict national recycling process is needed. Based on the SPRITE project, PragmatIC and the Cambridge startup Zinergy developed a system that can be effectively integrated with existing recycling solutions and uses ultra-low-cost NFC to identify fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) packaging, so that consumers can use smart recycling outlets and Their existing curbside recycling stations can get rewards for waste recycling anywhere. The project is supported by the UK Government’s Sustainable Innovation Fund. It will also showcase the application of NFC in enhancing refillable packaging models. Under this model, NFC can encourage repeated use and can also provide businesses with actionable data. . Studies have shown that access to reuse and recycling opportunities is one of the main motivations for changing public behavior. PragmatIC Semiconductor CEO Scott White said: "We are very pleased to be awarded this contract. This contract further promotes our mission to improve daily life with electronic solutions. This is a key to our customers' use of our technology. One of many initiatives that has a positive and lasting impact on the sustainability of the earth’s resources." As part of this project, PragmatIC will work with Zinergy and global fast-moving consumer goods companies to make NFC tags a way for consumers to successfully participate in recycling programs, especially the realization of refillable packaging models.

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