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IDEC launches smart RFID readers for industrial environments

  • Author:Lucy
  • Source:RFID world network
  • Release on:2021-04-24
IDEC company launched a smart RFID reader KW2D. The reader is designed to be easily installed in the typical 22mm panel mounting holes used in machinery, is easy to integrate with automation systems, and allows OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and end users to apply advanced authentication and authorization measures.

Authenticating users and authorizing them to perform operations and equipment control is the basis for maintaining and guaranteeing the security of any operation. Access management also provides traceability for management and analysis purposes. RFID card and label management is simple, low-cost, safe, and non-contact, suitable for industrial environments, and provides flexible ways to configure, manage and modify permissions. These advantages overcome the problems caused by other methods such as key switches, magnetic stripe cards, passwords, and biometric identification. IDEC's KW2D series RFID reader is a compact, UL-certified all-in-one device. It is installed in a typical 22mm panel mounting hole and installed together with other switches, buttons and lights. They have IP65/67 waterproof, dustproof and oil-proof ratings, and have plug-in power terminals. The built-in Ethernet port is convenient to use Modbus TCP to connect to host devices such as PLC and HMI. The white/green/red three-color LED lights can be seen from the front and the side, even from a distance, indicating standby, successful verification, and error respectively, while the built-in auxiliary buzzer provides audible feedback for success and error conditions . Users can mix and match various RFID label formats: business-style cards, wristbands, stickers, and color-coded keys or card-style labels provided by IDEC. The remote control key tag has five colors to choose from, is durable, and has an enhanced encryption function compared with other tag types. RFID tags are low-cost and passive. When the two are close, the RFID tag will respond to the short-range radio signal generated by the RFID reader. KW2D works under the standard 13.56MHz high frequency, and can provide a reading distance of 15mm according to the label style. Support multiple ISO/IEC communication speeds (V, A or F type). IDEC provides a Windows-based RFID configuration software tool for free. Users can set the reader's IP address, Modbus TCP server details, tag information and password. Users can use the default authorization level, or customize up to 500 tags and up to 255 authorization levels, quickly modify the configuration and prevent tag loss. RFID systems are suitable for machine tools, material handling and manufacturing machinery, such as automobile production, food and beverage, life sciences, plastics and other industries. Designers can use KW2D RFID readers and tags to replace traditional locking methods to provide advanced user access and related security authorizations. Traceability is established through the time-stamped log of the RFID source, which records the activities and operations of the staff in detail. RFID tags help end users improve production efficiency and maximize the safe operation of equipment.

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