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2019 RFID Industry Speeds Up

2019-01-24 23:10:12

Looking at the RFID market structure this year, there are two obvious growth points: First, the application of RFID in the apparel field continues to expand, and large-scale application projects such as Harish Home, Lexie, and UR have increased the label usage; Under the investment and financing boom of unmanned retail, RFID companies actively participated in the competition and cooperated to launch a variety of RFID tag products and system solutions, and have begun to land.

Goldbridge is a leading integrated solution provider for RFID tag antennas, RFID tags and smart retail devices in China. It is also one of the few companies in China that can compete directly with similar foreign companies in the RFID market in the industrialized countries of Europe and the United States.
Domestic small-scale electronic label companies are still dominated by overseas markets. From the perspective of project demand, RFID has traditional advantages in logistics, warehousing, asset management, clothing retail, and smart manufacturing. The phenomenon of acceleration,due to the positive impact of domestic macroeconomic policies and the necessary result of the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises.
Looking back at this year’s hottest RFID application – unmanned retail, has become one of the main battlefields of the RFID industry this year. However, industry experts generally believe that the high cost of RFID is still a major obstacle to this application; gratifyingly, RFID is currently the most mature unmanned retail technology, and its most powerful competitor AI image recognition remains technically mature.
How far can you go, perhaps by the end of 2019? It is reported that XMINNOV has successfully developed a high-performance UHF electronic label suitable for direct application on the surface of liquid packaging, and has reached a strategic cooperation with Zonke Traceability, respectively in U.S. Ai Wisdom Store and Yu Shunhong RFID vending cabinet have carried out the scene measurement, no matter from the reading of single items or batch reading and writing, it has fully adapted to the actual application needs.

The price is further lower, the cost advantage is lower
Some end users have said in an interview that although there have been more and more customized labels in the past two years, the quality is not uniform, and the prices are also different. Every electronic label company should think more about how to make its own added value.
Where is the potential of the RFID market in 2019?
Judging from the overall industrial situation, the booming development of the Internet of Things will inevitably bring a large number of RFID application opportunities. How to prepare for the enterprise and realize the explosive growth of the whole industry is a hot spot for the industry. Many people believe that it is an effective way for enterprises to make clear self-positioning in advance. Especially when the scale of enterprises in the RFID industry is small, the development path of individualization and customization has been widely recognized.
We have seen that although RFID unmanned retail has become a hot topic at present, the fact that shipments in the field of RFID has not been astonishing.The integration of local applications and wide-area fields will be a great opportunity, NB-IoT, BLE and active RFID. The combination will be a great opportunity!