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Apple conducts iPhone's NFC open testing: which can brush bus

2019-01-02 16:18:21

Dual SIM card and feasibility of NFC are two functions Domestic iPhone users most look forward to. Apparently, apple noted that.

For the first feature, Apple applied the relevant patents before, but it's still not clear when to achieve. As for the second function, they are already testing, and do you look forward to that?

Early in this morning, Apple announced Apple Watch will support NFC through the watchOS 4 operating system. Of course, the most critical is iPhone's NFC open testing is also in progress.

Some developers said, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus for iOS 11 beta has been added Core NFC technology support, which is a NFC data exchange trend to read NFC tags and data.

Currently, with iPhone NFC function, also supporting of Core NFC technology, the user can carry out some additional NFC use. Such as brush bus, brush subway. Android system has also provided this feature.

Of course, what Apple will face next after full access is that NFC may bring some privacy problems to iOS devices (such as let out your current location when push effective information , etc.). Apple should manage to solve this problem reasonably.

If Apple completely open NFC authority in China, obviously it will bring convenience to the users, and meanwhile users will rely more on it.