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Using RFID, brazilian plastics factory reduces order preparation time by 60% factory

Multinova's foam plastic plant has recently enabled RFID solutions to track its products, using UHF RFID readers for order picking and identification, improving accuracy and efficiency.

Before deploying RFID technology, Multinova's picking and inventory work was done using a barcode reader. With the use of RFID systems, employees no longer need to manually read barcode labels for inventory. Employees also do not need to find the label for each item to complete the order picking work. Now, they simply fill the foam roll through the entrance reader to complete the inventory and identification work.

The company also measured the effectiveness of the RFID deployment. The results show that RFID systems improve safety and speed up inventory counting and order preparation processes. The company claims that RFID technology reduces staff labor time by 60%. Next, the company will use RFID technology for stock automated inventory and benefit customers.