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BSN launches new RFID M700 Inlay

Lucy RFID WORLD NET 2021-05-28 12:02:02
On May 18, BSN, a member of the Baoshen Group, announced the launch of a new series of M700 RFID Inlay. These Inlays will use Impinj M730 and M750 chipsets to achieve performance upgrades and improve the read range and sensitivity of RFID tags.

This series of Inlay has 3 sizes, namely 50 * 30mm, 70 * 14mm and 42 * 16mm, which can increase the sensitivity to -24 dBm, and higher sensitivity can bring a larger reading range.

Such performance is unheard of on previous low-power logic chips. When the goods are packed densely, stacked, or there are many metal shelves, and other obstacles blocking the RFID tag, it will cause signal interference to the tag reading. The sensitivity of -24 dBm can improve the tag reading under these conditions. rate. When the tag is used in a variety of signal environments with different frequency bands, the enhanced auto-tuning function can bring higher accuracy.

Due to the small size of the chip, more chips can be manufactured per wafer, effectively reducing the manufacturing cost of the production link of the semiconductor foundry.

In addition, BSN is also equipped with the unique anti-loss function of the Impinj M700 chip.

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