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Brazilian retail giant HAVAN RFID technology deployment completion: 100%

  • Author:Lucy
  • Source:RFID World Network
  • Release on:2021-05-27

Brazilian retail giant Havan announced that all products currently sold in its stores use RFID technology.Since 2019, in just two years, 500 suppliers in Havan are implanted in the product, from the distribution center to the store, these labels can now be fully identified and tracked.The company said thatThis is one of the fastest RFID projects in the world.

With RFID, the retailer has reduced 30% of the product inventory level and reduces costs, improves customer service and full channel sales efficiency.

The Tips for Havan's RFID operations in the retail giants, including support from various suppliers. Havan and Brazil's leading RFID Solutions Business ITAG Smart Label Company works, implants the RFID tag into the product when manufacturing at each vendor, which helps to track the entire logistics supply chain from the source.

By May 2002, Havan plans to promote RFID inventory management solutions to all stores. The HAVAN LABS team and the company have developed RFID application together to make employees and customers easier. "With RFID technology, HAVAN will promote and speed up the search for inventory products, simplify inventory inventory, saving time, optimizing processes and reducing costs."Havan Labs executive AlexSandro Venancio said.

Havan has studied RFID as a business tool in more than ten years ago. At that time, the cost of label and reading and writing devices was still high, which made the technology could not be implemented at the beginning of the test. Many years later, the company learned that the successful case after Brascol deploying RFID, Brascol used ITAG's RFID technology and successfully solved the product anti-theft problem, but also obtained higher ROI.

Therefore, the HAVAN team re-evaluates the value of RFID. With the support of ITAG, the technology is determined to provide optimization capabilities provided by companies with a large number of stocks and high-cost and key distribution processes. Other suppliers also provide support for complementary technology such as Haco, Hasar Brasil, Impinj, Prime-Interway, Smartx Tags, and Zebra Technologies.

Today, the reader equipment running in all in Havan has more than 320 units, and other printers, antennas, and some auxiliary devices that support the technology. Yali Shan Dero said: "All tags have RFID, QR code and barcode technology, although RFID is not the most cost-effective technology in some business areas, but it brings a lot of added value."

After introducing RFID technology, HAVAN's performance in e-commerce has also improved.Before the Covid-19 epidemic, e-commerce is not in the company's priority, but it is benefited from the efficient management of RFID in inventory reception and distribution. In the past year, the company accelerated to the e-commerce field.

Yari Shan Dulo said: "Our suppliers give us all products with RFID tags, which already have two-dimensional code and barcode. In China, the label used by the supplier is provided by local offices opened by ITAG. Therefore, all of our suppliers, even in Asia's suppliers, we can directly deliver products in accordance with our requirements. "The label follows the GS1 standard to promote and simplify the products of all international and local circulation.

The 155 stores of Havan is between 5,000 to 6000m2. Now there is a complete inventory accuracy, and can continue to make inventory inventory. "We are now planning to expand the practicability of this technology, including benefiting our suppliers." Yari Hill said. "The implementation of the self-service checkout system is part of the plan, it can easily purchase and payment without customers, without having to live in front of the automatic cash machine."

Havan enables important objectives by using RFID.Yali Shan Dero Assessment, "Some revenue can be measured, such as reducing 30% product inventory level. Other intangible benefits also include easy to find products purchased by customers. And customer satisfaction is an unaffected income, It can bring good results for our company. "

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