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Can NFC chip tags be implanted in the hand to pay for life?

Goldbridge www.goldbridgesz.com 2022-08-24 19:06:09

According to the Buenos Aires economic news network, the British "Future Wallet" chip implant company said that
recently, with the continuous development of the trend of NFC chip tags implanted in the body, more and more people
choose to implant chips. into the body, so that people can pay for services without using cash, bank cards or
smartphones, just swiping your hand over the reader is enough to complete the transaction.

The "Future Wallet" company claims that the implantation of NFC chip tags is completely harmless to the human body.
At the same time, because every transaction made with the embedded NFC chip tag is as secure as any transaction
made with a bank card, in addition to fast payment, it can also resist cyber attacks by hackers.
As early as April this year, it was revealed that at least 4,000 people in the UK have been implanted with NFC payment
chips. Now, after two months, the number of implanted people has increased to 7 ,000, which is not unpopular.. ...

Chip implantation dates back to the 1990s and has been used in animals for years. However, NFC chip tags have only
recently been used in humans on a large scale to replace bulky wallets and complete convenient payments.
It is reported that to use this NFC chip, it is only necessary to download the corresponding application on the mobile
device, open a digital account used in the EU, and associate it with the implanted NFC chip tag. The implant is then
activated by entering a unique code. Once the funds from the bank account are linked in the chip, payments can be
made at institutions with NFC-reading devices. To implant such a chip, you only need to make an appointment with a
local professional institution.