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RFID Smart Tool L abel Warehouse Management Solution

goldbridge www.goldbridgesz.com 2022-08-16 15:58:21

Use tool tag project purpose

For operators in any industry, tools and equipment are an important and indispensable asset. Whether it is in the production workshop or in various operating plants, whether in the prison labor site or in the aircraft manufacturing workshop, the staff deals with tools and instruments every day. How to quickly and conveniently use, return, find and maintain these tools and instruments is a management of the enterprise It is very important work. The emergence of RFID tool label management application has realized the high efficiency and intelligence of tool management. The special customized tool table with RFID reader and the installation of UHF passive anti- metal tags can greatly improve tool management. Accuracy and efficiency, and realize cross-organization and cross-departmental information sharing.

Tool tab achieves goals

Tool warehouse management: In the tool and appliance warehouse, all kinds of tool and appliance cabinets are usually stored in a centralized manner, using a manned management method, and a tool borrowing and returning workbench is placed at the only entry and exit management port for centralized management of daily tool borrowing and returning.The UR6258 reader/writer is embedded in the tool borrowing and returning workbench, which is used to automatically read and write the UT8137 electronic tags to realize the automatic recording function of lending and returning of tools and instruments. A three-color light alarm is set to remind the working status and the warehouse keeper to receive system information (powered and normal, there is a loan application, and a fault alarm). The voice reminder is completed by the computer-driven audio. Set up an ID card reader to confirm the borrowing and return list by swiping the card.

Work counter design and production

The basic size of the operating counter is 100800*750mm (ngnh'it'height), the countetop is covered with a wear.resistant tablecloth for the card reader position, and the cabinet body is made of 304 stainless steel. The load- bearing capacily of the table is not less than 100kg. The operating counter is equiped with computers and monitors that are used with hardware such as UR6258 readers. The support universal wheel is set at the bottom of the operation counter, and the support universal wheel is hdden inside the operation counter, which fciltes the movement of the counter while meeting the aesthetic requirements. The RFID reader should be able to read separately on the countetop and side of the operation counter, the information of small tols and instruments should be read on the countertop of the operation counter, and the information of large tols and istuments should be read on the side of the counter.