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NFC mobile phone easy to check the authenticity

  • Author:Lucy
  • Release on:2019-10-19
Recently, Goldbeidge Co. Ltd fully upgrade the package of 52 degrees 500mL Goldbeidge, consumers can query the authenticity of the product directly by NFC phone. Upgraded products will be gradually put on the market recently, gradually realizing the natural transition with the existing products.

Goldbeidge currently uses RFID anti-counterfeiting technology which is enabled in 2009, but the original security check must use a dedicated query equipment for authenticity query, not easy for consumers to query. In order to enhance the Goldbeidge products security efforts, to protect the image of Goldbeidge brand, to enhance consumer query experience. According to market demand and technological development, Goldbeidge company constantly develop and innovate anti-counterfeiting technology. The new upgraded Goldbeidge packaging security uses the global cutting-edge technology, "a chip of dual frequency" technology(rfid em 4423 chip), and becomes the first dual frequency anti-counterfeit labels(Dual Frequency EM4423 RFID tag), achieving two functions: First, consumers can directly use NFC-enabled mobile phone for authenticity identification (High-frequency technology), and second, dealers can remote read and intelligent manage (UHF technology) in the process of logistics and storage, greatly facilitating the dealer management inventory.

This time, upgraded Goldbeidge dual frequency RFID anti-counterfeiting technology allows consumers to use NFC-enabled smart phones directly to identify the authenticity of the product without opening the wine box. Consumers simply follow the prompts to download "Goldbeidge security" official APP, then when the phone is closed to the security label, you can easily identify the authenticity.

The new security system is added with unique encryption authentication program to ensure the security of the it. At the same time, Goldbeidge also updated the cap opening structure,laser security label, and lid open structure. It is reported that the new anti-counterfeiting system will be gradually applied to Goldbeidge 1618, Goldbeidge low series etc.