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Plastic luggage tags manufacturers

  • Author:Lucy
  • Release on:2019-10-21
Shenzhen Goldbridge is a professional plastic luggage tags manufacturers in China. Plastic luggage tags used very broad, they are widely used in all walks of life. More common is usually in the bus station, railway station, airport, hotel, travel agency and other places. The style of plastic luggage tags produced by Shenzhen Goldbridge is numerous. So far we have nearly 17 years plastic luggage tags produce experience. We have many cooperated customers, They spread all over the country all walks of life. Such as China Petroleum Pharmaceutical Group, Huaxia Bank, Bank of China, Tencent, China Southern Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines and other well-known enterprises. Of course also there are many overseas customers.

The plastic luggage tags our factory produced, can pass SGS, RoHS international full certification standards. Shenzhen Goldbridge specialized in plastic luggage tags, we provide customers with a complete process services from design, open mode, proofing, production, etc. If you are looking for plastic luggage tags manufacturer, then Shenzhen Goldbridge will be your first choice. We can provide customers with hundreds of plastic luggage tags samples for reference. Specifications, size, color, style, shape, pattern and other personalized tailor can be customized according to your requirements.