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New RFID retail loss prevention products can provide accurate loss data analysis

  • Author:Lucy
  • Release on:2021-09-08
Johnson Controls (Johnson Controls) reported that its global retail solutions portfolio Sensormatic Solutions is improving its store loss prevention services globally to combat the recent upward trend of shoplifting, internal theft and organized crime in the retail industry Rate.

It is reported that new products that can provide these services will support RFID detection systems and Sensormatic IQ's EPC item-level data. These systems unify different data and analysis through a new intelligent operating platform to promote improved consumer experience and retail results.

As consumer confidence increases, in-store shopping trends are recovering. But according to data from the US Department of Labor, there are 965,000 retail job vacancies, which makes store theft and fraud easier, and this makes the situation facing retailers more serious.

Craig Szklany, Vice President of Global Solutions Management and Marketing, Sensormatic Solutions, said: “In the current situation, retailers are facing increasing foot traffic and labor shortages, as well as continuing economic challenges and wearing masks. Anonymity, and Sensormatic Solutions’ new products can help them solve the historically high store loss and theft rate."

With Sensormatic IQ's inventory and consumer behavior analysis, retailers can establish positive interactions with consumers, and use integrated loss prevention products to understand the situation, time and method of loss of specific items in real time.

In order to provide the data analysis required for effective loss prevention, RFID is a key part of the shoplifting prevention solution. Sensormatic has long been committed to providing asset protection sensors or electronic commodity surveillance (EAS) systems, as well as a scalable and customizable loss prevention product portfolio to meet the needs of the store environment, including collaborative solutions, hidden detection solutions and settings Surveillance area.

The company's latest loss prevention product RFID Overhead360°, Sensormatic Solution, developed in cooperation with RAIN RFID supplier Impinj, provides a streamlined and versatile store visibility that can complement any store decoration. RFID Overhead 360° helps to provide retailers with accurate item-level loss data, while reducing nuisance alerts and prioritizing real-time actionable alerts.

When a new product is combined with its TrueVUE loss prevention analysis, retailers can better understand store losses and more accurately determine damaged goods.