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New ultra-small size RFID Inlay for new drug packaging

  • Author:Lucy
  • Release on:2021-09-01
French RFID supplier Tageos has launched a new EOS-202 U9 RAIN RFID inlay. The new inlay has successfully passed the latest test specified by Spec S in the RFID laboratory of Auburn University because of its ultra-small form factor suitable for current medical and pharmaceutical applications. In addition, EOS-202 U9 has passed the DoseID certification of the RFID medical application alliance, which is widely used in the pharmaceutical and medical fields.

The COVID-19 epidemic has highlighted the global demand for high-performance, flexible medical solutions. RFID technology has made a great contribution to this by providing products that seamlessly track medicines based on the user unit. DoseID is an industry alliance that uses RFID technology in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. It has certified RFID inlays for tracking drugs.

With EOS-202 U9, Tageos has not only expanded the range of inlays approved by DoseID and ARC Spec S, these inlays are designed for single use of drugs and samples in pharmaceutical applications. The French-based RFID supplier is upgrading this series of products with products with unique features.

The new UHF product adopts a precise and extremely small antenna design with a size of only 20x10 mm (the size of the wet inlay product is 22x12 mm), and is used with NXP's UCODE9 IC. The IC complies with the EPC Class 1 Gen 2 protocol and the ISO 18000-6C standard used worldwide, and has automatic tuning technology, a unique brand identifier and 96-bit EPC precoding.

Its tailor-made chip and antenna design makes EOS-202 U9 the ultra-small RAIN RFID inlay on the market (as of August 2021), and it is currently testing all types of items for medical and pharmaceutical applications according to ARC Spec S Both show strong performance.

Even in dense multi-RFID tags, its read sensitivity and reliability make EOS-202 U9 available for the latest test item combinations outlined in ARC Spec S, including transparent and amber liquid glass bottles, transparent glass powder bottles, plastic/ COC syringe, plastic syringe cap and plastic sealed vial. This performance advantage has paid off in a wide range of workflows such as hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and inventory management.

Chris Reese, Head of Product at Tageos, said: “The new EOS-202 U9 inlay reinforces our firm commitment to always provide customers with the highest performance, highest quality and the most advanced products in terms of sustainability. With its superiority in challenging environments With a unique combination of small size and read sensitivity, the new inlay can provide the ultimate'one size fits all' solution for the medical and pharmaceutical industries."
与“COVID-19疫情凸显了全球对高性能、有弹性的医疗解决方案的需求。RFID技术通过提供基于使用单位无缝跟踪药品的产品,为此做出了巨大贡献。DoseID是一个在医疗和制药领域使用RFID技术的行业联盟,它认证了用于跟踪药品的RFID inlay。 凭借EOS-202 U9,Tageos不仅仅是扩大了DoseID认证和ARC Spec S批准的inlay范围,这些inlay专为制药应用中的药物和样本单次使用而设计。这家总部位于法国的RFID供应商正在通过具有独特功能的产品升级这一系列产品。 新的UHF产品采用精密的、极小尺寸的天线设计,尺寸仅为20x10毫米(湿inlay成品尺寸22x12毫米),与NXP的UCODE9 IC一起使用。该IC符合EPC Class 1 Gen 2协议和全球使用的ISO 18000-6C标准,并具有自动调协技术、唯一品牌标识符和96位EPC预编码。 为其量身定制的芯片和天线设计使EOS-202 U9成为市场上超小尺寸的 RAIN RFID inlay(截至2021年8月),在目前根据ARC Spec S为医疗和制药应用测试的所有类型的物品中都表现出强大的性能。 即使在密集的多RFID标签中,其读取灵敏度和可靠性也使EOS-202 U9可用于ARC Spec S概述的最新测试物品组合,包括透明和琥珀色液体玻璃瓶、透明玻璃粉末瓶、塑料/COC注射器、塑料注射器帽和塑料密封小瓶。这种性能优势在医院、制药和库存管理等广泛的工作流程中得到了回报。 Tageos产品主管Chris Reese说:“新的EOS-202 U9 inlay巩固了我们始终为客户提供最高性能、最高质量和可持续性方面最先进产品的坚定承诺。凭借其在具有挑战性的环境中的超小尺寸和读取灵敏性的独特组合,新的inlay可为医疗和制药行业提供最终的‘一刀切’解决方案。””有关的更多信息
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