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RFID Wristband Tags Help Reduce People's Contact And Form An Orderly And Healthy Environment

Goldbridge 2022-05-20 11:28:41
Recently, a new park in L ouisiana called Moncus Park opened to the public, allowing people to purchase food andbeverages with the flick of an RFID wristband tag. Moncus Park was used as a commercial development and is now anon-proft park that started construction in March 2018. It is intended to be a tourist attraction and to create greenspaces that will host events such as concerts, weddings and sporting events as revenue generators.

Since food and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are provided by local food vendors, entry is $10 per person, butentertainment is free, so people need an easy way to buy food and beverages. The application of RFID wristband tags isaimed at reducing queues and crowds at sales counters, and more importantly, tracking sales, people statistics andtrends.

RFID wristband tags were deployed at the 2019 Louisiana International Music Festival, and subsequent events weremade virtual during the pandemic. They were able to use the data from the RFID wristband tags to reduce queues andgain analytical data on customer behavior.

Upon arrival, visitors are given an RFID wristband with a unique ID number linked to their account in the park's software.When a family attends an event, each family member will have their own RFID wristband and can also have their own e-wallet for food and beverage purchases.

Currently, the RFID system used in the park mainly uses passive HF RFID wristband tags, and in addition to severalrecharge kiosks around the venue, the park has installed about 40 RFID reading devices. Visitors first buy tickets on thesite, then use a debit or credit card account to deposit a predetermined amount of money into a dedicated digital walletto spend on-site.

To make a transaction, an individual places an order, then when instructed to pay, taps the wristband against a nearbyRFID reader to obtain a unique ID number and automatically deduct the corresponding sale amount from the digitalwallet. The data is then transmitted to the event organizer's server, where users can view details such as what waspurchased, when and who was purchased, as well as demographics of the buyers (such as their gender and age). Eachfood supplier has two RFID readers for payment.

Reducing queues not only makes sales faster and more convenient, but is also important in preventing the spread ofdisease. Once the funds on the rfid wristband account are used up, users can go to a top-up station or a dedicatedservice window to top up their account. Ater the campaign, users will receive these refunds within 7 days if they stillhave a balance on their account. Alternatively, they can return to the park another day and still use the wristband, butthey will need to pay a new admission fee. The solution is designed to make purchases easier and faster than standardpayment systems, reducing queues.

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