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Spanish hotel group uses RFID system to digitally manage linen

Lucy RFID world network 2021-04-02 16:17:44

The Spanish state-owned hotel group Paradores has taken another step in digitalization by introducing a tool that can quickly and easily manage the supply of linen in rooms, bathrooms and restaurants. Through a public tender, the Spanish Valencia company Resuinsa is responsible for the development of this new application system. The application system has been successfully implemented in many hotels under Paradores and will soon be deployed in its two hotels, Vielha and Artíes.

easy to use By integrating the RFID system into the linen, each piece of fabric can be identified, and its location and durability can be understood. The system analyzes the traceability of linen in real time through radio frequency, uses tags that can support industrial washing processes, and software that can process and analyze millions of readings. Carlos Martínez, Operations Director of Paradores, emphasized, “Smart linen greatly simplifies our team’s work, because the use of RFID technology enables instant counting at the entrance and exit of the warehouse. In addition, its precise measurement data allows us to change each set of linen Make precise decisions on demand, inventory quantity, and service life." With this digital solution, Paradores has improved the control and management of linen by identifying, locating, tracking and managing fabric products. After being integrated with the hotel data management system, the application system can generate reports according to staff and item lists, thus directly saving staff time for inventory and resource control. This digital tool can fully realize the traceability of the linen, that is, by checking its service life and minimizing its loss, so as to maximize the use of the linen. It also provides the benefit of checking the linen in and out during the entire washing process to understand the theft or loss of the linen, and to verify whether the washing process is appropriate. Basic commitment to technology For Resuinsa, the fact that Paradores Hotel chose smart linen shows that the company's tremendous efforts in technology investment over the years have been recognized. The company’s CEO Félix Martí said, “This contract is not just a contract, it is a relationship based on a commitment to quality and innovation. The application system using label technology can support complex industrial washing processes and has the ability to Software that processes and analyzes millions of readings. The system itself can also analyze the traceability of linen in real time."

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