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Technology era need more the smart card

  • Author:Lucy
  • Release on:2019-11-01
In life, we need money everywhere, every day by subway, bus, shopping, eating and so on. Instead of everyone carrying a lot of cash, so this is a big data age, it is needed to focus on these data together. From the initial advanced payment to the IC card payment, has slowly entered the smart era.

Into the smart era, using IC card payment is mainly for the sake of convenience. Shopping is more convenient and safer, completely avoid cash transactions. Now more is unified focus on the function above a carrier, can be smart phones, smart bracelets, smart watches and so on, this achieved a fast payment.

Intelligent era need smart payment, induction IC card has be widely used. To achieve a variety of data collection, sharing and so on. The smart era for people's lives, not only the creator of large data, but also beneficiaries.