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The Characteristics of Clothing Tag

Lucy 2019-11-01 16:16:13
In the clothing sales show, most of the clothing does not use closed packaging, but directly to display by open-shelf hanging, or human-model, or placed in the shelves, display stage. Therefore, the characteristics of the clothing tag and the label are very obvious for the goods without such wrapping.

First of all, it will not affect the overall effect of clothing display, and play an effective foil and complement role in the main body, unified and coordinated design also reflects the standardization degree of clothing series products.

Second, as a means of promotion, clothing tag form is flexible, convenient for consumers to purchase freely, and to make self-judgments according to the brief information provided on the tag, and will not be "mandatory" disturbed. What's more, the production cost is low, won't be limited by space, time and people, and promote the commodity information effective transmission;

Third, the clothing tag displays related merchandise information, such as merchandise texture, composition, specifications, instructions, etc., but in reality reflects the  company's commitment to consumers. Concise and accurate information shows the enterprise's awareness and meticulous care to consumers, which plays an active role in not only enhance consumer confidence in the goods, but also in promoting the corporate image, improving the goods quality, prestige and cultural tastes.

Fourth, the clothing tag design is regarded as a small commodity advertising, effective visual communication can not only improve the visual impact of goods to enhance consumer impressions, but it may also enhance the quality of goods to make the goods more affinity.

In addition, with the universal application of anti-counterfeiting technology and development, some clothing tag comes with novel chic anti-counterfeit labels and bar code logistics logo, which further enhances the brand recognition and credibility of the product.