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The functions of mobile phone NFC

Lucy 2019-11-08 10:23:40
NFC is the abbrevation of Near Field Communication, it is similar with Bluetooth and Wifi, just with shorter distance. Usually the maximum distance won't be over 10cm, typical practical distance is within 3-5cm. In fact, it is specially designed for card payment. It is completed by hardware, usually there is a coil, being put in the mobile phone back cover or battery.

You might be unfamiliar with the word "NFC", but NFC is already commonly used in many aspects of our life, such as card payment in supermarket, public traffic etc.

NFC's characteristic is fast speed and easy to use. But there are not too many products being applied with mobile phone NFC technology till now, current products only achieve two functions usually, the first one is credit card payment, that is, making the payment by binding your bank account with your phone, Apple Pay is exactly a typical case; the other one is public traffic card payment, Xiaomi 5th has achieved this function.