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What are the advantages of RFID electronic tags on laundry

Lucy 2019-08-31 18:04:54
RFID Laundry tag is small and thin, durable and soft, not only need not worry about waterproof and temperature when washing, bending and extrusion can also be handled easily. So laundry labels can be used in a variety of clothing, and wearing comfort will not be slightest influence.

UHF electronic tags can be batch read in a short time without contact, which can greatly improve the efficiency of clothing management. By sewing a piece of UHF washable RFIDtag with detailed information into the clothing, by tracing and positioning, not only can grasp the specific location and status of each piece of clothing, but also the additional information such as the number of times of use and the replacement period can be clear at a glance. So that the management work of uniforms work clothes is more efficient and accurate.

Shenzhen Goldbridge specializes in RFID laundry labels, which can use the reader and antenna of the current market to read the information, so the system construction will be simpler.

RFID washable tags are with "waterproof", "pressure", "high temperature", "alkali-resistant lotion" and other characteristics, which ensures that it can be used under a variety of environmental conditions. High durability can ensure that the cycle of washing (washing, dry) can reach more than 200 times and can be ironed for 5 minutes at temperatures up to 250 °C.

Laundry labels used in hotel, hospital, bathhouses and professional washing companies to manage thousands of work clothes, linen transfer, washing, ironing, finishing and otherprocesses, through improved supply chain management can save 40% of the working hours.