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Design and manufacture high quality produtcs with 30 R&D;engineers.

The factory of Goldbridge built in 1999, through expansion and renovation, has become a set of radio frequency Identification products as one of the largest-scale factory, with a strong factory strength. We are continued to introduce the latest international card and label equipment, and it’s monthly production of all kinds of cards, wristband, key fob, and so on products is over 20 million. With independent research and development of equipment and production technology; A variety of tags and card data automatic writing and printing equipment are in here, with strict QC automatical testing. The center also have tailored to customers the ability and experience of all kinds of RFID tags, tag design; and production cycle is short. Common specifications are spot and can provide supporting services and support application system integration. Goldbridge providing products to customers , high quality and good service has also been praised and affirmed.