20 years experience in RFID & NFC industry.

Nowadays, intelligent warehousing and intelligent logistics application RFID technology is very extensive, and the RFID hardware that realizes these applications is very important, especially the RFID  tag, which can be applied to various complex environments such as high temperature and metal environment. Then, what are the types of RFID tags?

According to the scope of application, the types of RFID tags includes:

Anti-metal tag / high temperature tag / anti-counterfeit tag / buried tag / asset management tag / personnel management tag / vehicle management tag

According to the product material classification, the types of RFID tags includes:

Anti-metal tag / ceramic anti-metal tag / plastic tag / fragile tag / fabric or woven material tag

Goldbridge has been focusing on RFID hardware development and production for 20 years. It specializes in providing RFID cards, tags, readers, etc. It integrates technological innovation into RFID products for the first time, with the concept of “IoT, innovation”. Supported by professional team and project design experience, Goldbridge provides customers with an overall RFID (field) solution including antenna and tag design.