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NFC technology provides non-contact ordering function for diners

  • Author:Lucy
  • Release on:2021-06-29
Previously, the catering industry was closed due to the epidemic. Now that restaurants have reopened in-house dining and takeaway services, smart phone ordering systems are now becoming more and more common. Diners now browse menus online, sometimes with the help of apps, without the need for credit cards or paper menus, which reduces people’s face-to-face interaction.

Qiiosk, a start-up company in Yorkshire, UK, provides a solution that does not require downloading an APP. Customers only need to tap a non-contact dining tool called "Menu Tile" with their smartphones, and they can sit at the table. Place an order, ask for help or make a payment.

Qiiosk said that the solution uses NFC and QR code technology to quickly order food without the need for APP. In order to meet the needs of restaurants to reopen, this spring has been deployed in several restaurants in the UK and has been quickly promoted. The company uses HID Global's NFC tags, partly because HID can quickly provide a large amount of NFC technical support. Menu tiles are applied to dining tables or bulletin boards. Diners can use the system to order meals, arrange delivery times, order meals, and communicate with kitchen staff.

After customers arrive at the restaurant, they go directly to a table or a point of sale area. Because they don’t need an APP, they only need to tap the phone on the nearest table, and the NFC reader in the phone will capture the ID of the menu tile and open the relevant menu site. If the customer's mobile phone does not have the NFC function or prefers to scan the QR code, they can also scan the code. The solution not only provides a menu, but also calls the waiter, and can pay directly on the menu tile with the mobile phone.

HID explained that with this system, restaurants can provide a safer environment for those dining on-site and restaurant employees by restricting interaction. The technology also makes the experience for employees and customers more efficient. Further benefits include access to real-time allergen information on the menu via NFC tags. In addition, the restaurant can also update the menus in the system in real time, allowing diners to browse the latest menus, so as to place orders in person, eat in, or take away.

Qiiosk established this solution for the catering industry to return to normal faster after the epidemic. This solution is based on SaaS. The company also needs to quickly upgrade this set of systems with 13.56MHz NFC capabilities and complying with the ISO 14443 standard. It also needs to be sturdy and durable enough to stick NFC tags on menus and metal tables in public spaces. Finally, it chose HID Global to provide such a solution.

Jean Miguel Robadey, Vice President of Industrial Intelligent Components and Identification Technology of HID Global, said: “This system uses HID’s NFC tags and NFC-enabled PVC credit cards. HID’s NFC tags provide a stable reading rate and can Easy to deploy. The contactless opportunities presented by the Qiiosk solution are particularly valuable for the restricted and uncertain catering industry in the future."

After several restaurants adopted this technology, Qiiosk needed to provide a large number of menu tiles in a short period of time. Robadi said: "Using HID NFC tags, Qiiosk can upgrade products, improve reading efficiency, and produce enough menu tiles to supply customers. Qiiosk's products can withstand the challenges of different environments in bars and restaurants. This can help save costs and improve reliability, so it can continue to maintain rapid business growth."

So far, this technology has been adopted by Grand Trunk Road and Che Musica pasta restaurants in London, and Wold Top Brewery in East Yorkshire.

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