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Japanese strawberry factory has adopted RFID sensor tag temperature control system

  • Author:Lucy
  • Release on:2021-07-26

In recent years, in order to maintain the freshness of food and prevent spoilage, fresh foods increasingly need to be stored and transported at an optimal temperature. Therefore, the transportation management office needs to measure the temperature of the food before delivery or at a specific relay point of the logistics company. However, in the actual transportation process, it is necessary to ensure that from the delivery to the other party's receipt, the cost of heat preservation for food preservation has always been relatively high.

Okinawa Cellular Telephone (abbreviation: "Okinawa Cellular") is a strawberry factory that grows and sells Okinawa brand strawberries. "Churashima Berry" is one of the specialty products of the Okinawa region. Strawberries are grown in a completely sealed plant factory using ICT technology. In addition to ensuring the quality of strawberry planting in the plant factory, this factory will also work hard to ensure that the strawberry has a stable yield and good transportation conditions.

Recently, Sato Co., Ltd., Okinawa Honeycomb Co., Ltd., and KDDI Research Institute Co., Ltd. have developed a system that uses RFID temperature recorder tags (tags) to accurately control temperature during the entire transportation process of Formosa Island, and it will start full operation in June.

In this system, the RFID temperature logger label "LogBiz-Thermo" (hereinafter referred to as "LogBiz") developed by SATO is affixed to the shipping box of strawberry products. LogBiz will record the strawberry products for 2 weeks from delivery to delivery every 5 minutes History of temperature since.

Whether it's shipping or picking up, manufacturers and distributors can upload product temperature data to the cloud temperature conversion management system by operating their smartphones. If the uploaded temperature data exceeds the threshold, the temperature system will issue a warning to the system operator. The system can ensure the quality of the Formosa berries included in the transportation process, thereby helping to maintain the brand and provide consumers with a sense of security.

SATO / Okinawa Cellular / KDDI R&D Laboratories started to use RFID tag temperature control system in strawberry factory. This temperature control system can continuously obtain the temperature records of strawberry products from the producer to the retail store delivery process, so as to further ensure the quality of the strawberry products, and it can also investigate the reasons for the deterioration of the strawberry products.

During development, SATO is responsible for providing LogBiz label technology, developing cloud temperature history management system, and developing smart phone applications. Okinawa Cellular is mainly responsible for reviewing the quality control tracking system and UI application, as well as the temperature history management system used in the transportation of Formosa berries. KDDI R&D Laboratories is mainly responsible for analyzing the causes of quality deterioration caused by temperature changes during transportation.